With the UK Government awaiting a response from their Global Travel Taskforce in order to help with its decision-making around potentially relaxing the rules around international travel – we take a closer look at what the future of travel could look like for UK travellers, post-pandemic.

Spending on travel will increase dramatically

This is great news for the travel industry who have seen a significant dive in takings over the past twelve months.

With furlough and working from home being so predominant during the lockdown, many Britons will have seen their incomes remain pretty similar to before, but their spending will have plummeted.  In fact, a Bank of England policymaker recently indicated that there is currently around £250m in savings which have been amassed during the last three lockdowns. 

Once the rules around international travel are relaxed, there is bound to be a rush of spending on holidays with people potentially spending more on luxury travel.

Travel for mental health reasons will become crucial

At the moment, one in five people is suffering from depression – due in no small part to the current pandemic. 

Travel plays a vital part in improving mental health, as without it people can feel imprisoned and confined. Just booking a holiday can boost feelings of well-being, while actually being away can lower stress and boost happiness.

Obviously,  when we talk about the possibility of foreign travel we are talking about responsible travel – with an emphasis on testing.  Our COVID-19 PCR Test with Fit to Fly Certificate included will give you peace of mind that you can travel safely – on receipt of a negative result. 

Double bookings may become an issue

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the likelihood of foreign holidays in the short term, many UK travellers are hedging their bets and double or even triple-booking trips within the UK and abroad this summer. 

This may be damaging for the travel industry as there is a possibility that people may cancel bookings at the last minute, depending on what the UK Government’s travel advice is.

A potential reduction in travel for the next couple of years

Even if international travel opens up again, and holidays are allowed this summer, there will still be a certain amount of uncertainty amongst UK travellers, meaning travel companies will have to work really hard to get people to book.

Travellers may be worried about:

  • Whether they will be able to board their flight
  • Whether they will catch COVID while abroad
  • Whether they will be able to come home without having to quarantine

And so on.

This is one of the reasons why COVID testing for departing and arriving is so important. 

The revival of international holidays this year would be a huge boost to the UK travel industry, so we are watching the news with bated breath – and will be sure to keep you informed. 

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