Today is the day that the UK coronavirus lockdown rules start to ease, with limited changes being put into place so that families can finally start to reunite. 

From today, people will no longer be ordered to follow the stay at home rule. Instead, limited contact between people from two households will be allowed and organised outdoor sports will be able to start again. 

Social Contact

As of today, we can now meet other people outdoors in a group of up to six, or two households – this includes in private gardens. It seems the UK Government wants to make it easier for us to get together with friends and family over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. 

If you are already in support bubbles then this will count as you being part of the same household. Meeting people indoors remains banned, and you will still have to practice social distancing with people from other households. 

Children have not been included in the number restrictions, and so outdoor parent groups will now be allowed to meet again – with a limit of up to 15 parents. 

Businesses, including those in hospitality such as pubs and restaurants, will remain closed.


Although the stay at home rule has now been lifted, the advice from the Government is still that we should remain local – although there has been no clarification as to what this means exactly. The only guidance there is, in fact, is “people should minimise travel where possible”

There are a number of restrictions still in place aimed at limiting travel, but a legal loophole has been uncovered meaning people with second homes can now legally go and stay at them. However, campsites and self-contained holiday accommodation still have to remain closed until after the Easter Holidays – around April 12th.

The only exemptions to the travel ban include 

  • Those who need to travel for work
  • Those who need to travel to study
  • Those who are moving house
  • Those attending a major family event e.g. birth, funeral or wedding

The rules governing travel are due to be reviewed on April 12th.


Outdoor sporting facilities such as basketball courts, golf courses and swimming pools can open – but the wider rule of six people only still applies to outdoor sports.

If the sport has been formally organised – by a qualified instructor, a club, a charity, a company or a national governing body – then it is not subject to the gathering limits. However, the Government guidance states it should still be compliant with the guidance issued by national governing bodies.

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