The government’s traffic light system was recently reviewed, with one of the major changes being that Portugal was moved from the green list to the amber list.

While holidays have resumed in the UK, travellers are still limited to a small number of foreign countries they can travel to for holidays – most of which have their own strict entry restrictions for those travelling from the UK.

Many more countries currently sit on the amber list meaning travel there is technically permitted, but travellers will be subject to quarantine and testing rules.

Meanwhile, the red list of countries is still out of bounds, including Argentina and India.

Right now, the UK government is advising against holidays to both amber and red list countries – but when might these lists next be reviewed?

When is the next travel traffic light system list update?

The travel traffic light system’s three lists – red, amber and green – are supposed to be reviewed every three weeks. 

The most recent review happened on Thursday 3rd of June, which means the next one is due on Thursday 24th of June.

This date, however, is three days after the Prime Minister is due to fully lift the lockdown restrictions in England although Boris Johnson was recently quoted as saying this was still “up in the air”.

As for the next green list, there has been no indication as to which countries might move onto there – if any. 

However, UK travellers have got their fingers crossed for popular destinations like Spain, Greece and France to move there soon. 

Only 12 countries were put on the quarantine free green list initially, and no new countries were added after the first review, with Portugal actually being moved off.

Many British holidaymakers in Portugal faced a scramble to get home after it was taken off the green list and moved to the amber list – meaning returning travellers would have to quarantine at home for 10 days upon return. However, they can leave quarantine early by purchasing a private Test to Release test to take on day 5 (as long as the result comes back as negative).

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