Want to know if you are fit to travel? Fit2FlyTest has helped many people to fly across the world with our gold standard, trusted fit to fly test service.

Airports across the world are starting to open up as international travel begins to be back on the cards again. But if you do want to fly to another country, then you may be asked to prove you test negative for covid-19 before you are allowed to board your flight. At Fit2FlyTest we offer COVID-19 fit to fly tests to help you to be able to fly where you need to more easily. We know that all of this may seem a little daunting, but we are here to help and you can always get in touch with us if you require a little extra guidance. 

What is a fit to fly certificate?

A fit to fly certificate, also known as a fit to fly letter or travel certificate, is a medical certificate that confirms your fitness to fly as you have received a negative test result from your covid-19 PCR test. 

The gold standard COVID-19 PCR Test we offer here at Fit2Fly not only includes speedy receipt of your test results but an electronic certificate free of charge that is signed by a medical professional. If you require a paper certificate this can be provided (at an extra charge).

How to get a fit to fly certificate

You can get a fit to fly certificate from Fit2FlyTest by purchasing one of our covid-19 swab tests and sending it back to us to be tested. If your test results are negative, then we will issue an electronic fit to fly certificate when we return your test results to you. 

Where can I get a COVID-19 fit to fly certificate?

The easiest way to get a COVID-19 fit to fly certificate is from Fit2FlyTest as we offer an electronic certificate as proof of a negative test result with our covid-19 swab test. You can purchase a covid-19 PCR test to perform at home, and then all you need to do is post it back to our accredited laboratory. If your test results are negative, we will send you an electronic fit to fly certificate with your results.

Fit to Fly Certificate Requirements by Airline

As we mentioned above, different airlines have different policies when it comes to fit to fly certificates. Here are some links that may come in useful if you are trying to find out more information:

Although information does change on a regular basis so make sure that you always check the latest updates.

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