With the UK now reopened for foreign travel, a number of entry requirements are now in force, involving a number of different types of tests and certificates.

What is required to enter the UK?

Up to three tests are now required to enter the UK, and these can be polymerase chain reaction tests (PCR) tests, LAMP tests or Antigen Test. One needs to be taken before entry and be showing a negative result, and two after entry into the UK (depending on which country the traveller has arrived from).

Are entry requirements the same in other countries?

No. All countries have different entry requirements, but some have said that a requirement involving a vaccination will be required for entry.

What test certificates are needed in the UK?

In order to enter the UK, travellers are asked to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test – with the result being in either English, French or Spanish. 

Depending on where the traveller is entering from, two more tests may also be required, both of which would need to provide a certificate to prove a negative result.

What about vaccinations?

There are currently no requirements to prove your vaccination status when you enter the UK, however, the government has said that it may incorporate a vaccination status into the existing NHS COVID app.

The level of progress of vaccination will be taken into account, however, when the government is determining which countries should go on which list.

What checks are in place at UK Borders?

Border Force Officers at airports and ports are responsible for checking certificates – although no specific training has been given to them to enable them to do this. 

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